Captured Assets

Captured Communications believes that YOU are your greatest asset. We assist you in identifying and exploring your talents and capture them in a package of possibilities.

Meet the new you!

Captured guides you in redesigning yourself, increasing your ability to self-validate and to conquer that inner voice of self-doubt. Captured runs workshops in self-validation techniques to take you on an adventure of self-discovery and recognise the qualities you inherently have to rely on yourself in any situation. If you prefer one-on-one sessions, Tania will guide you through the strategies she has developed for establishing the practice of reliance on self.

You can also learn how to improve your interview confidence with either a life coaching session or another of our workshops where we combine elements of acting theory with human resource strategies to capture your best assets. Our recipe works!

Captured will support you to redesign yourself, increase your self-esteem and get that dream job with our range of services and workshops.

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